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Rawlings Coolflo XV1 Matte Batting Helmet

The Rawlings Coolflo XV1 Matte Batting Helmet is very unique that it stands on a high standard, comparing to the regular helmets for sale these days. We can actually see that the helmet has numerous benefits of safety and comfort, which is important while playing and directly affects the player who wears the helmet.

Rawlings Coolflo XV1 Matte Batting Helmet For just $29.99


The helmet’s design is extremely unique and also not familiar on the market. This specific design gives the helmet many advantages over the competition. The helmet’s design includes a wide air ventilation openings, which avoids from fluids and sweat to be gathered inside the helmet, and keeps the player’s head chilled. Moreover, utilizing steel profiles for the front instead of plastic profiles expands the field of view of the player.


One of the main advantages in this helmet is its full scale protection. The front steel profiles protects the face from any harm, while the throat protector gives the player wider space covered. It’s one of the only models that equipped with built in throat protector, a highly important feature, which is a significant advantage.


The Rawlings Coolflo XV1 Matte Batting Helmet is really comfortable. The helmet is covered from the inside with foam layer that have a high capacity of sweat absorption, and grants the player the ability to play the game with zero-pressure and sweat over the head. Because that the helmet is designed like a glove, it’s extremely easy to put and remove it. In addition, the helmet is really lightweight, a fact that definitely influences over the player’s performance on the field.


Rawlings CFX2HLS Coolflo XV1 Senior Two-Tone Batting Helmet includes a unique COOLFO XV1 venting technology to allow for cooler air flow. Heat Exchange vents rapidly flow cooler ambient air therefore improving an overall cooling effect for a more comfortable fit. The new pad configuration of these helmets also allows for a comfortable fit. Meets NOCSAE standards. High School batting helmet along with ear flaps. Pre-drilled for Rawlings facemasks SBWG and BBWG. New pad configuration to allow for a better fit. Abs plastic, fiberglass shell along with rubberized matte finish.  Fits head sizes: 7-1/4″ – 7-3/4″. Meets NOCSAE standards.


The Rawlings Coolflo XV1 Matte Batting Helmet has lots of unique advantages, that was created for ease of the player during the game. From the special foam cover to the throat protector, this helmet is surely properly designed. Additionally, the helmet is made on extremely high standards, it’s NOCSAE certified and rated as reliable. Get Rawlings Coolflo XV1 Matte Batting Helmet for just $29.99. Visit or Call at 800-486-7805..